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“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” – Toni Morrison

We’re not waiting for permission.
We’re saying yes to ourselves.


We are HONEY CHLE. We're a new, independent, boutique media + entertainment company speaking with love to an underserved audience: Black women 40+. “Honeys” as we like to call them.

Founded by award-winning filmmaker and television writer/producer
Felicia Pride and led by an all-Black-woman team, HONEY CHILE is on a mission to:

  1. Tell bold stories for, by, or about Honeys. Everything from genre to grounded to YA and in between.

  2. Challenge Hollywood’s limited, traditional ways of operating as we look to create innovative models for the development, production, marketing, and distribution of content. 

  3. Hold the door open for others and equip Honeys with the tools to transition into the industry.

  4. Remind Hollywood and the world about the power that’s cultivated when underserved communities tell their own stories.


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What We’ve Done…

We are a small but mighty team and have been bootstrapping (read: paying out of our Head Honey’s pocket) all our operational needs thus far. And so far we’ve:

  • On the festival circuit with the proof of concept for LOOK BACK AT IT, our first feature film, which is written and directed by our Head Honey Felicia Pride and shot in Baltimore, her hometown.

  • Produced and released Season 1 and 2 of Chile, Please podcast.

  • Launched our biweekly newsletter, A Taste of Honey, which is chock-full of stories, news, and cultural conversation.

  • Launched our Instagram and TikTok account that curates stories, entertainment, and encouragement about, by, and for Honeys

  • Solidified an amazing slate of initial film + TV projects to take out, with some really amazing partners, and some of which are based on books by Honey authors.

    And we’re just getting started…


A Honey Insider is an invaluable part of our team.

You believe in the mission and vision of HONEY CHILE, and value art + independent creators.

You want to help us fill a need in the cultural landscape and are enamored by the magic of storytelling.

You support what you want to see in the world… underserved communities telling their stories.

You’re co-conspirators in this work. Helping us to shake sh*t up.

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Looking for Additional Levels? We Got Options.


For your heftier patronage, you receive VIP access, credit on select projects, direct engagement with our team, and more.

We currently have producer packages available for our short film LOOK BACK IT and openings in the HONEY CHILE Inner Circle.

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We are always for ways to partner with brands, orgs, and other production companies who can help us amplify our work and serve Honeys.

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Opportunities for individuals, businesses, brands, and communities to sponsor our work - be it our Chile, Please Podcast, A Taste of Honey newsletter, our upcoming short film, a screening, or a forthcoming project.

Let's Talk

Check out some of our work.


The proof of concept for our first feature film, written and directed by our Head Honey Felicia Pride. The logline: A forty-something single mother gets her groove back with a little assistance from her teenage daughter. We’re currently in pre-production and will be shooting in Baltimore, August 6-7.

Check it out
Chile, Please Podcast

Hosted by Felicia Pride, writer and pleasure seeker, and Ivy Grant, corporate strategist and self-indulger in training, “Chile, Please” is a personal and fearless exploration of the pleasures and pains of being Black and women of a certain age. It’s the sister talk to remind you that you’re not alone in this.

Check it out

An award-winning short that was selected by over twenty film festivals and aired on STARZ. Written and directed by our Head Honey, Felicia Pride, the film is about two women at very different stages of their lives who share an intimate morning after a one night stand.

Check it out