EP 212: Chile, Go Out And Be Free!

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Gettin’ Free! : A Juneteenth Collaboration brought to you by Sistas Who Kill: A True Crime Podcast. We know that history is told from the side of the victors, but that leaves room for misinformation and false narratives. 

We are on a mission to change that.

11 Black podcasts have come together to reclaim our history and tell it our way - flavor and all. Welcome to a chronological journey to get free. Learn where we’ve come, what we’ve overcome, and how much further we need to go. 

"Chile, Please", an NAACP Image Award nominated podcast, is brought to you by HONEY CHILE Entertainment, an independent, boutique media & entertainment company run by Black women. We speak with love to an underserved audience: Black women 40 and over; or "Honeys", as we like to call them. We're not just bringing our own seats; we're building our own damn table too.

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Production Company: HONEY CHILE Entertainment (@itshoneychile)
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Hosts: Felicia Pride (@feliciapride) and Ivy Grant (@envy_elaine)
Video Editor: Jassiel McBride (@jassielmcbride)
Post-Recording Audio Engineer/ Mixer: Jassiel McBride (@jassielmcbride)
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