EP 104: Chile, We're Ready For Our Close-Up

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“That's what I want more for us. That we are able to have and see individual experiences on screen that people are able to connect with on different levels, but we know that this is ONE experience.”

Writer and podcaster Nichole Perkins joins Felicia and Ivy to discuss their desire to see more multi-faceted representation of Black women on the stage and screen. Listen as they recall the characters that inspired them, those that miss the mark and all that’s still left to be explored. All over a lot of laughter.

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Nichole Perkins, , IG: @tnwhiskeywoman
"Sometimes I Trip On How Happy We Could Be" by Nichole Perkins
Showrunner: a person who oversees the writing and production of each episode of a television series and has ultimate managerial and creative control over the series A showrunner is more than just a producer. He or she is the creator or co-creator of a show and is a writer as well.
"If I Was Your Girlfriend" by Prince (lyric reference)
"The Black Poets" edited by Dudley Randall
"Really Love" on Netflix


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