44 Things I’ve Learned As I Turn 44

Dec 16, 2023

As I enter my Obama year (44!), I reflected on some lessons I have learned so far (and some I am still learning).

Which lessons from this list are hitting home for you?

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  1. Sh*t really is better over 40.

  2. Do not be afraid of your desires.

  3. Most of the time, it is better to just cut your losses.

  4. Take the trip. It will be worth it.

  5. Discernment is your friend. 

  6. Sometimes you will have to use discernment with your friends.

  7. Stretch.

  8. There isn’t much better than creating work with your friends.

  9. Investing in yourself pays dividends.

  10. Laugh, laugh, laugh some more.

  11. Life is too short to work with assholes.

  12. Keep a f*ck you fund.

  13. Do not let industries become your master.

  14. Observe before talking.

  15. A lot of folk are spiritually broken. Protect ya neck.

  16. Do not move based on other people’s anxieties.

  17. People can sense desperation. Shed that sh*t and settle into the journey.

  18. A lot of folk are deeply insecure. It is not about you.

  19. Mind your business, literally.

  20. Invest your money even if you feel like you are behind.

  21. Learn how money works.

  22. Value is often a more important consideration than price.

  23. Monthly massages are a game changer.

  24. Stop trying to save folk who don’t want to be saved.

  25. Folk are on their own journey. Sometimes all you can do is pray that they make it to the other side.

  26. Sleep is a miracle drug.

  27. So is water.

  28. Stop putting other people’s agendas first.

  29. You will outgrow people, places, situations, and spaces. And it may become lonely.

  30. Not much is actually permanent. This too shall pass.

  31. The world really fears artists. And that’s why we need to keep finding ways to create.

  32. Will I give a f*ck about this next year? Five years from now? If not, let it go.

  33. Do it. Make the thing. 

  34. Healing is intentional.

  35. Relationships that sacrifice your peace ain’t worth it.

  36. Those friendships that hold you down and lift you up are priceless.

  37. They are scared and that is why they are acting like that.

  38. It really is the little things.

  39. Understand the value that you bring and charge handsomely for it.

  40. Don’t be afraid to walk away.

  41. Sometimes you have to check a mofo.

  42. Operating from a mission clarifies and fortifies everything.

  43. Seek your own validation.

  44. Spend the time and effort learning how to love yourself. Self-love or lack thereof is underneath everything.

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